Collaborative Chemistry

Trying to develop students collaborative, independence skills. I have produced the following 3 google slides documents. Students are made editors … More

Solubility Investigation

Trying to experiment with collaboration, especially using google docs. I shared this (along with printed hard copies of worksheets).. Students … More

Youtube Channel

Trying to get a youtube channel going.. none of my videos yet (just stuff I am hosting for Please … More

LEGO Robotics

Students taking part in LEGO Robotics CCA – Year 4 through to Year 9 working collaboratively and learning a lot! … More

Periodic Table Project

This project involved students developing posters of the various elements of the periodic table, they peer assessed each others work … More


I have been experimenting with classdojo for a while as a motivation/tracking tool for year 7 and 8. I have … More


This site is amazing.. I have been using their simulations since the beginning of my teaching career.