The Chain Broken

I think it is ironic or clever (don’t want to do an Alanis Morrisette or do I?) The Chain by … More

Bristol Trippies

The name of this playlist is a pun on cockey rhyming slang. Not everything here is Bristol or Trip Hop … More

I am an Invincible Tool

Every time I hear this song I am reminded of that scene from Goldeneye (there are many iconic scenes). Alan … More


A Playlist of Tori Amos.. I probably need to look for colabs as well.


Was the video for the Foo Fighters song – Everlong, a prequel to the film Inception?


I have this theory that David Bowie named himself after the knife because of the double edged sword nature of … More

Sugar Pill

A Placebo for your pain. This band are probably the most underrated band of the 90s, discuss? If you are … More

Blue Monday

Bit of Mixed Media here – There be music here. Bring some colour to your day. This is a bit … More

I Forgot my PIN

Ok so this is my favorite Tool song, probably of all of them. Just because it reminds me of, well, … More

Book Ends (Tools)

I think that these two Tool songs go together like bookends for their music. As with previous APC post you … More

High Hopes Indeed

This is one of my favorite songs by Pink Floyd. High Hopes for the future dashed by the same.