There are a lot of songs that relate directly or indirectly to water. I found 800 or thereabouts.

Running To The Sea

Rivers, Water, The Sea, Oceans, Ships, Ship Wrecks, Drowning, Floating, A Drift, Sink    

All My Music

I have tried to go through all the music I have ever listened to (at least since Scrobbles became a … More


This band are so good. Loved them since they Melody A.M. I wasn’t following them for a long time and … More

Random 90s music

A whole bunch of singles I randomly selected from my music collection (from the 90s). Technically this is minus any … More

Snakes and Ladders

50 Shades of Green, 1 shade of ladder. We killed most of the snakes and built plenty of ladders. Synonym … More

The Chain Broken

I think it is ironic or clever (don’t want to do an Alanis Morrisette or do I?) The Chain by … More

George Carlin

Love this sketch. I get shell shock just watching it.

Turning two corners

I was facing the wrong direction I have turned a corner Just one more to go Hell is round the … More

A Song of Ice And Fire

A Song of Ice And Fire. Cancelling Each Other Out Our Deepest Existential Fear Opposites Attract and Annihilate You Know … More

The 12th Hour

ink this regeneration was actually better than Tenant to Smith. Smith to Capaldi always brings me to tears. 12 to … More