This band are so good. Loved them since they Melody A.M. I wasn’t following them for a long time and wow am I pleased to say that they have written some of the best songs in the last 15 years.

For starters:

This song makes Daft Punk’s collective work sound like a school music project.

But they can be all sad and morose (more often than not).. well they are from Norway.

They can remix songs to amazing effect:

Both versions of this song with Robyn are cool:

Something In My Heart, sublime:

What Else Is There? Oh there is this:

and of course the Inevitable End.

Here is my Spotify Playlist for this amazing group.

The End.

Just kidding: Here are some more of my favourites:

Sordid Affair Video:

Running To The Sea:

Here She Comes Again:





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