All My Music

I have tried to go through all the music I have ever listened to (at least since Scrobbles became a thing) and still like.

I have used since 2005. I still need to add some 90s music that I copied my dad and taped of the radio but a lot of those songs I might have fallen out of love with.

I still have cds and vinyl bought in job lots that I have not completely gone through so expect things to evolve. I suspect my penchant for Morbid Death and Cannibal Corpse in my teens has passed and I can part with these albums. Agrophobic Nosebleed is my favorite example of this.. 99 tracks on a single compact disc (I believe that is the maximum you can have on a single compact disc but I may be wrong).

Anyway. Please enjoy my playlists. On youtube they are called MUSIC 1-6 respectively.

On Spotify there are a variety:

BAL – Band Artist Lists – This is just collections of Artists or Related Artists

ST – Is where I let spotify generate a list for me

TL – Is where there is a theme that I perceive that links all the songs

A-Z – This is just my collection. Well over 10000 tracks.

NCC – Name Chain Circles – this is a game where you start with a song  by a band and pick songs that are linked by one word or concept directly until you get back to the original artist (and the song but that is really hard).

I have cataloged all my CDs, not much of my vinyl yet, I want to get it right (correct versions) so it will take some time.

All of the above can be found by navigating the following pages. If you are interested. I know other peoples music collections are not much interest to others.


Last Fm:



Spotify Profile:

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