The 12th Hour

ink this regeneration was actually better than Tenant to Smith.

Smith to Capaldi always brings me to tears. 12 to 13.

For completeness here is 11th regenerating into the 12th (though at the time we thought it was 10th to 11th).

His send off before this scene made me cry a little.

and just for laughs here is Kevin turning 13:

13 is a difficult number.

In my humble opinion they should have made Capaldi the official regeneration number 13 and done this episode with Capaldi that way making the regeneration to a female doctor more believable but the forces at the BBC had what they wanted.

I have watched all the new doctors episodes. I just can’t get into it.. The New year special was ok so at least that is a step in the right direction. Will Whitaker’s doctor stay female the next time?


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