Party Game

I have developed a new party game to play with family and friends (that love music).

Start with a song and then pick a linked song either by theme or word in the song, album or artist/bands name. Repeat process until eventually you get back round to the original artist, album or song. Must take 10 steps minimum. If you can get back to the original album then you score the most points.

Using Spotify this is easier as it reminds you of songs and song titles.

You can change language and perhaps change some meanings (for instance sun = son, or forest = wood).. and of course different languages are acceptable.

using words such as and, the, it is frowned upon but possibly the only way out in some cases.

Bits of words can be used.

and the final rule – you cannot use the same band twice except to complete the chain.

Here are some bad examples. It is a good way to learn about new songs (if you get stuck) and remind yourself of bands that you had forgotten.

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