Blue Monday

Bit of Mixed Media here – There be music here. Bring some colour to your day.
This is a bit cryptic but I think pleasant.
I misplaced by copy of In Rainbows… hopefully will find it at the end of one.
Blue Lasers in Blu Ray Players, Blue Stars are Hotter but shorter.
Blue Is short lambda and my shorts are mostly Blue
Feeling Blue
Blue Joni –
A Certain Shade Of Green
Inception Mirrors Matrix Green – Why?
Here is a clip from Fargo Season 1:
Billy Bob To Gump Son – “Did you know the human eye can see more shades of green than any other color?”
Fargo Scene with the green wall and window sills. With our snake draped in blue (notice his green shirt). Blue is a fast colour (at least through prisms). Thin Blue Line, Boys In Blue.
I answered the question he posed.
Snakes on a plane. How about Snakes on the District Line! Sammy RJ/DJ (reflection/refraction) this one is for you. It is all in the chemistry that one – Isomer.
Did you know that they deliberately got Nick Fury’s makeup wrong on 2 occasions across the 23 Marvel Movies?
RED – Red is slow$ Long as well. Darkness and Sunsets. Red Dwarfs, stars dying slowly.
The Gathering: Red Is A Slow Colour$
Red Sky At Night / Dark Side Of The Moon$
Feeling a bit sanguine.
Roses Red, Violets Blue, There are no green stars only Red White and Blue – Discuss.
The Colours in Snooker follow ROYGBIV
magenta is FAKE!
Have a fantastic period (Red Dwarf) –
Not required


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