Comfortably Numb (Cold Comfort and Numbness)

A theme develops, Is there anybody out there? I mean, reading this…?

Lets go outside the wall… see what is there.

Walls, Cliffs, Rivers, Valleys, Barriers, Borders, Lines, Tight Ropes….

We walk them, swim them, cross them, build doors in them, climb them but they also exist for a reason. Insert some amazing poetry here.

There are no more castles.

Maybe I should start elaborating on previous posts.

I have started doing playlists on Spotify that link songs by album, artist or title name. So if I start with Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd on the album The Wall the next song could contain any of these words (in English or otherwise) and in some cases synonyms and part words. So My next song would be:

There is a man who received cold comfort, but as the stoics of Athens probably once said…… I don’t know it is all greek to me.


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