Fear Inoculum – Album Review

This album is awesome. The best song on the album in my opinion is 7empest.

A lot of people saying it is about Trump. No it is about Mother Nature. The Tempest – read some Shakespeare or at least read a list of Shakespeare plays and then look up definitions. Prospero might indeed be a Trump like character but the Tempest was mother nature.. it is inevitable.

This song might also be my fav:

I cannot work out what it is a portmanteau of to start with (Pneumonia? without the oni?). Technically it is the best but song writing wise I am not sure.

Song writing wise the best song is Invincible as it is showing Maynards old warrior, shields down penis (sword) out belly in vulnerability in an ironic way. A great progression from his earlier works such as Prison Sex.

I have a feeling this isn’t the only recordings available and we might get another album out soon or some extra for those that bought the album etc. A live album blu-ray with music videos would be a nice addition.

I also love Descending.

This is by far their most mature effort, a return to Lateralus era sparseness in places but the lovely sampling of rain and roads in descending is a welcome shift from Tool that usually use noise in a grating way rather than easing you off to sleep.

It also has its trademark humor though clearly Maynard’s other outlet Puscifer takes most of his humorous output.

One thing that bugs me about Tool fans is if they are real fans then they would appreciate the brilliance of A Perfect Circle and Puscifer just as much and when you consider this then Maynard is one of the most prolific artists of all time! So 13 years and nearly the entire output of Puscifer (at least 20 songs I would put in my top 10000 of all time from memory – Spotify hates me).


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