A Point To My Act? (About)

My Act? Sounds so pompous…. Shakespeare wrote that “all the world is a a stage” so we are actors, players, extras on the scene of life. Look at the world around us changing, it is only scenery that changes around you.

The world (visible universe) does paradoxically revolve around you. In the literal sense that the visible universe is as old as the light that has been travelling since it first came into existence, we can prove this if you trust the science.

In the end as Bill Hicks said in one of his final ever performances: “It is just a ride”


Extras is a TV show by Ricky Gervais that I love

I learnt the expression “all the world’s a stage from Leanord Nimoy saying it when you built the globe theatre in Civ 4” not from the original Shakespeare.

We are just pirates. All creators are just clever curators.

Watch out: Spoilers:

The main thing for me is SYNTHESIS: Join the old to the new. The Dots, Come Together.

The Cure, The Beatles and The Doctor all know this… the only thing that can stop you is when hate comes together but they have a tendency to turn to dust.

A Kiss from a rose indeed:

There might be something in this…

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