Mathe magics (My Birthday)

Mathematics/Shakespeare/Lewis Carol/Douglas Adams Joke: 2b or not 2b that is the question (where is my pencil case). I am turning … More

New Chess Rulz

So on the occasion of my birthday – 36 years young. I thought I would share my new rulz for … More

Cover Versions

Here is a playlist with cover versions that I like. I can’t get all of them as spotify doesn’t tend … More

The Gathering

I love this Dutch band. Too many great songs to select just one so here is a playlist that I … More

A Sad Playlist

I think I have put together the most melancholic playlist on Spotify.

Be Curative

So it occurs to me that: Curation is better than Creation Creativity vs Curativity Creative vs Curative The Great Curator. … More

Bristol Trippies

The name of this playlist is a pun on cockey rhyming slang. Not everything here is Bristol or Trip Hop … More

That’s All Folks

I am fascinated by the concept of “The End” as evidenced by my previous post that no one read. Endgame … More

Right In Two?

Another Tool related post. Do humans ever get things right in two? Does this lead to division? Maynard Certainly likes … More

I told you i was ill

This was reminded to me by my father as being on Spike Milligan’s tombstone. 500 songs that relate at least … More

Any Colo(U)r Like

I made this playlist, I don’t know why. I love playing with words as well – I take the words … More

Run Cruise Run

I am going to put 20 pounds or dollars on him running and winning. I know this is fake (I … More

Georg Rockall-Schimt

This guy deserves way more attention than his channel is getting. Not sure about the lack of Moustache though.

I am an Invincible Tool

Every time I hear this song I am reminded of that scene from Goldeneye (there are many iconic scenes). Alan … More


A Playlist of Tori Amos.. I probably need to look for colabs as well.