Collaborative Chemistry

Trying to develop students collaborative, independence skills. I have produced the following 3 google slides documents.

Students are made editors and make edits to the equations slides to reflect their understanding of the chemical reactions that they have carried out.

They get to choose which chemical reactions but need to come to consensus in their groups (3 to 5 students per table group, 6 tables)… Their are 6 chemical reactions to write on for “It’s A Gas”, 6 in “Doing The Ironing” (but only 3 are student carried out) and 9 experiments in “Copper Creations”.

Also in each document is an activity where students have to classifying/describe the substances that they are reacting to gain points. The statements are printed onto coloured card and laminated and students select which cards go with each substance, this activity can be arranged in a wide range of ways however I am going to select a substance at random and get the various groups to select their descriptions as a starter activity.

Please see below for documents :








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